Logmein black screen mac mini


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  2. Headless Macmini - black screen and cursor
  3. How do I install a host computer on Mac?
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And there's also a demo to watch on the website.

How can we help you?

Hope this helps. For your scenario, you'll almost certainly want to configure it as an item to be launched at Login vs System Preferences; right now is an annoying feature discrepancy as compared to latest Windows version v5. Adam Bezark wrote "What's the best remote control software for "Grandma Support"?

I supported remote computers while I was at home and on the road. However, one suggestion - pay the extra amount for Grandma to have a "fixed IP address" regardless of which program you choose. The combination of being able to instruct by phone or chat and see what the other person is doing, and being able to fully control the other system from your keyboard and mouse is invaluable.

While it does require someone at the other end to accept a screen sharing message, they don't need to stick around since you can terminal the iChat Screen Sharing session or shut-down or sleep the remote system when you're done, and it avoids the need to open firewall ports. The remote needs a. Set up the remote user's iChat to use Jabber with one of the accounts listed above.

Headless Macmini - black screen and cursor

When it comes time for remote controlling a machine, the remote person only has to open iChat and click to allow the sharing of their screen when they receive that request. Once screen sharing commences, a two way conversation can also happen. One reason I like iChat is that the remote user can rest assured, once they quit iChat, know no one is connected to their machine.

You have to forward port in your NAT, but that's pretty easy.

How do I install a host computer on Mac?

The first time you connect, put Schnitz in the Dock so its easy to find and it remembers your address across launches pretty well. Schnitz has never failed me. You can also set up an Applescript via Mail to auto-launch when you send her a specific subject line. I support my 85 year old father-in-law on his iMac with Back to my Mac.

They are so helpful I was forced to use Skype screen sharing to watch him and help him figure things out. Actually, Skype worked great. So with Skype and Back to my Mac it is always easy to get connected and the Back to my Mac works really well as I can control his machine while he watches. You could maybe get away with just Skype but I like the functional features of Back to my Mac better. I would get Skype just for the internet video phone calls anyway Adam Bezark requested recommendations for the best remote access software to use when providing computer support for his nearly 80 year old mother.

I do this for my uncle. For his 90th birthday, I bought him an iMac. Since we live on opposite coasts of the US, we use video iChat for debugging and learning new programs. We usually start the sessions with a phone call, but hang up when the iChat audio and video activates. I can remotely control his desktop, or let him run the Mac while talking with him. If either or both of you are running behind a NAT router, you may need to configure your firewall and port forwarding settings to get this up and running - that's probably necessary for most all?

My uncle is a smart guy still very sharp , but not a computer geek. Adam Bezark asks: "What's the best remote control software for "Grandma Support"? I use it with my personal and office Macs; it can get through a LinkSys router in the office that Back to My Mac can't incoming, not outgoing, is the trouble there. The client software is unobtrusive, and works at the Mac's login window too. What really impresses me is their web client. It works with a plug-in that's very fast, but if you don't want to install that plug-in, it uses Flash.

Sure, the frame rate then drops to maybe ten or fifteen frames per minute, but you can still get stuff done. That's pretty cool. They would like to upsell you to a pro version that enables file transfer and other tricks; feel free to ignore it. On one hand, not cheap, but on the other, much cheaper than a MobileMe subscription. It's designed for managing machines on the local network, not providing ad-hoc support over the Internet. LogMeIn Free.

Welcome to Low End Mac

Get a demo of LogMeIn Central, and you can email her a link that will, with a little guidance from you, install LogMeIn on her computer. I have good luck with DimDim. Worth checking out.


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We bought Mom an iMac and I installed Timbuktu on it. I also used Universal Access to increase the size of the cursor so she could find it on the screen.

At the same time I set up a free dyn-dns account for her so that Timbuktu could always "find" her machine even when the cable modem acquired a new IP address. I also got rid of most of the applications in the dock, set up the preferences and locked them, made her a standard user account that I set up to "auto-login" and left an admin account on the machine for me. Timbuktu has worked fine for this application and there's only been one time I got "locked out". All I had to explain to her was to turn the machine off, then turn it back on and we were back in business.

I can even switch to my admin account and make modifications to her settings if necessary, then switch back. It's been great to get on the phone with her while manipulating the computer to explain "how to do this". Check out TeamViewer. Free for personal use, and works well even behind firewalls in my limited experience. Honestly, iChat Screen sharing might be the easiest, provided you can teach your mother how to: - get connected if the connection isn't up iChat should default the "menu bar icon" to on, in my opinion I've a friend who used to like Chicken of the VNC, largely because of the name.

I've not got a strong preference at this point. Timbuktu is another good option, though there's cost involved. The client simply has to click on a URL link I send them, click a few more times to accept remote support, and I'm in. I can also switch it to share my screen, and can have a number of people logging in at the same time, so it's also good for doing screen-shared conference calls. My father is 82 and on a different continent, but we simply use iChat Screen Sharing - getting a voice connection at the same time is great, but the best thing is that it is free and familiar.

Also, the fact that he can see what I am doing and I can see what he is doing means that it works really well for encouraging him to try it for himself actually he often demands that he do it and I watch. I think a big part of the question here is whether you want to do remote control with the other person or without. But my father would never let me have access to do things and potentially change his system without him being a part of it.

Black Screen Solution for any Mac

Usually after I've been to visit I get the phone call that starts with "What did you do to my? For clients who are leery of being so accessible though only to my account, as I hasten to point out to them, and it requires TWO passwords to get through to them , I tell them to keep LMI turned off from the menubar icon and only enable it when they actually need help. LMI is great because you don't need to mess with port forwarding, and you can walk the remote user through the installation if it's not on their computer I always change my main password for this, then change it back later.

Someone suggest GoToAssist Express. I use it and it is an excellent solution. I have it for business support purposes; my 95 year old father-in-law is an incidental beneficiary. Stephen Magladry wrote in part One interesting puzzle in this regard is that a. It's the only instance I have seen where the namespace is not the same, but it's not. If someone does have a. For email, etc. Just for clarity, there is no current product called "Apple Remote Access" in case someone wants to buy it.

It is not ideal for use outside a LAN though, depending on your opinion of opening too many ports on a router. Same for opening VNC port directly. I use Timbuktu to get to my servers, but acrobat. It's got screen sharing, remote control, text chat, white boards, VOIP and file sharing all for free. All you need is an Adobe ID.

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I also use Adobe Connect, which is something I pay for but that is very robust and feature rich. It does require her to provide the dynamic IP address, but that's pretty easy to talk her through. Skype the newer versions, don't know when they added this is a nice fail-safe solution since so many people have it. And it works pretty well, although you can't control the other computer.

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I had a funny case supporting a relative with not much English and my Russian is weak in computer terms.