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  1. Can install 16 GB ram 1600 MHz for Mac Mini Mid 2011?
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  4. Memory for Mac mini – MEGAMAC
  5. Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini

If you're trying to decide between buying a new Mac mini , or just upgrading your current mini to gain performance without spending too much money, then you've come to the right place. In this upgrade guide , we look at the Intel-based Mac minis that have been available since the first Intel Macs were introduced in early If you have one of the earlier PowerMac-based minis, you'll probably want to purchase a newer model. Even so, this upgrade guide can be of help by revealing what the upgrade options are for each Intel model.

Can install 16 GB ram 1600 MHz for Mac Mini Mid 2011?

Once again, depending on the specific model, some upgrades may be as easy as removing a few screws and popping in some RAM. In other cases, a great deal of disassembly may be required, including using some tools not commonly found in most DIY toolkits.

How to Upgrade RAM Memory on a Mac Mini Late 2012 Model

If you're concerned about your DIY skills, you may wish to have an Apple specialist perform the upgrade for you. Most dealers offer this type of service. If you're a bit adventurous, you can perform these upgrades yourself, and save a bit of cash. Just be careful, and take it slow.

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If you do decide to tackle it yourself, we recommend performing both a RAM and a hard drive upgrade at the same time. You don't want to be taking your Mac mini apart on a regular basis, so doing everything at once is the best course of action. We recommend upgrading your Mac mini's memory to the largest configuration supported by your specific model.

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Because the upgrades are a bit difficult to perform, you don't want to have to go back and upgrade the RAM again at some future date. Be sure to check the information for your specific Mac mini model, below, for the correct type of RAM to use.

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Like the RAM upgrade, the hard drive upgrade is best suited to individuals who have a bit of computer DIY experience under their belts. Whether you're experienced or just adventurous, this is something you probably don't want to do more than once, so install the largest hard drive you can afford when you perform this upgrade.

The exceptions were the models with the Mac mini 1,1 identifier. The Core Duo processors use a bit architecture instead of the bit architecture seen in the Core 2 Duo models.

Memory for Mac mini – MEGAMAC

Share Pin Email. You still get a dedicated HDMI port that supports both video up to by pixels and multi-channel audio. As with the model, the location of the SDXC card-reader slot on the back is at best inconvenient; depending on where you place your mini, the slot may be effectively useless. In terms of wireless connectivity, the Mac mini still gives you The mini also includes a built-in mono speaker and an Infrared receiver for the Apple Remote not included.

Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini

And by that I mean the front of the new mini is missing the familiar opening of a slot-loading optical drive. And for some people, that may be true.

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Still, dropping the disc was a bit of a surprising move for this particular Mac model, given that a good number of Mac mini owners use the tiny computer as part of a media center. However, we did run 10 updated components of Speedmark to get an idea of how the latest Mac mini models stack up. Cinebench graphics, Call of Duty, and Portal 2 results are based on frame rate; higher numbers are better.

All other test results in the above chart are in seconds; lower numbers are better.

Reference models in italics. Best result in bold. We used Handbrake 0. We ran a timedemo in Call of Duty 4 at a resolution of x with 4X anti-aliasing turned on. When it comes to graphics performance, our benchmark results were mixed.